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Book Review » Say Her Name by James Dawson

Title: Say Her Name

James Dawson

Fantasy; Paranormal; Horror; Young Adult.

ISBN: 9781471402449


Publisher: Hot Key Books

Format: Paperback

Pages: 287

Synopsis: Roberta ‘Bobbie’ Rowe is not the kind of person who believes in ghosts. A Halloween dare at her ridiculously spooky boarding school is no big deal, especially when her best friend Naya and cute local boy Caine agree to join in too. They are ordered to summon the legendary ghost of ‘Bloody Mary’: say her name five times in front of a candlelit mirror, and she shall appear… But, surprise surprise, nothing happens. Or does it?
Next morning, Bobbie finds a message on her bathroom mirror… five days… but what does it mean? And who left it there? Things get increasingly weird and more terrifying for Bobbie and Naya, until it becomes all too clear that Bloody Mary was indeed called from the afterlife that night, and she is definitely not a friendly ghost. Bobbie, Naya and Caine are now in a race against time before their five days are up and Mary comes for them, as she has come for countless others before… A truly spine-chilling yet witty horror from shortlisted ‘Queen of Teen’ author James Dawson.

MY RATING: 4.5 Starts


I don’t know how to describe this book because it really was an awesome reading. I gave to it four and a half stars because even if I liked it a lot it was not enough scary… I mean, it was scary but I was not peeing my pants so yes… it could be better.
This story was really well written and while I was reading the book I was always thinking that I wanted to know the rest of the story, I wanted to know what was going to happen… I was really curious, so I think that it was not only a good ‘horror’ book, it was a good ‘mystery’ book too… I don’t even have words to describe how awesome this story was for me!

In my honest opinion I think that this is a good horror book if you are interested in ghost stuff and if you are easily scared… if you are tough and if you think that you’ll not be scared at all reading this book… that’s ok too, because there’s a story behind everything! James Dawson (the author) explains very well the story of Bloody Mary and all that stuff… so it has not to be a horror story, it just has to be interesting and it was REALLY interesting!

The main character of this story is Bobbie, she is a student at a school of girls. She is that kind of person who doesn’t believe in ghosts… so basically this story is about a group of friends… it’s almost halloween and they decide to do something scary… they decide to summon Bloody Mary… so they say her name five times in front of a mirror but nothing happens… Bloody Mary doens’t appear… or so they think!
Next morning Bobbie finds a message on her bathroom mirror… that message says ‘five days’.
A lot of strange things start to happen to Boobie’s group of friends, they start to have nightmares, they start to receive strange ‘messages’… worst than that, they start seeing Bloody Mary in the corner of their eyes, in the corner of the mirrors… everywhere! She’s always there watching them!


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