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Reader Problems » How to Get Rid of a Reading Slump

Hello everyone, so today I am here starting a new weekly “tag” named “Reader Problems”. I was on my way to college when something happened and I remembered that I could start making more then book and tv shows reviews on my blog, so I decided to start a new tag (I’ll be posting 2 times a week – tuesday and friday – here on my blog) in order to share with you, my fellow reader friends, some of my problems as a reader and in order to share with you some of my solutions to those problems.

The first subject I will address is of course “Reading Slumps” as you might have read in the title…

I chose this subject as the first subject ever of this new tag on my blog because it is without doubt the most common problem of people who read.

The longest reading slump I had lasted more than 2 months, I couldn’t read anything at all and I will try to help you getting out of your reading slumps the same way I got out of mine long-term reading slump and the same way I always get out of my reading slumps.



  • YAS, I know… I am saying that you should go to the computer instead of trying to read… but I am trying to help you, I swear ! Youtube has a lot of awesome booktubers, if you are not aware of what booktube community is I will tell you shortly: Booktube is a community just like bookstagram BUT instead of taking pictures of the books people make videos. In those videos you can find book reviews, book hauls (which is awesome because you can discover new books), bookshelves tours, book tags and all of that awesome stuff. – while you are watching this videos you get some inspiration (at least I do) because you see people talking about books, showing you books and their bookshelves… some reviews may make you want to read those books and maybe be with a little of luck you own those same books so you can read them right away. Now I will post here some of those booktubers channels that I like and watch reguraly.
  1. Sasha (abookutopia): ;
  2. Christine (polandbananasBOOKS): ;
  3. Kat (Katytastic): ;
  4. Catriona (LittleBookOwl): ;
  5. Zoe (readbyzoe): ;
  6. Tasha (Tashapolis): ;
  7. Leslie (lesliesbookobsession): .



  • As I mentioned before there’s a community named Bookstagram. There you can find pictures of books, bookcovers, bookshelves… you can talk with people about the books, you can ask for book recommendations and all of that stuff. Here are some of my favorite bookstagramers (the first page is mine of course haha):
  1. Orlanda (me) – @blog.myescape ;
  2. Alissa – @abookishloveaffair ;
  3. Abby – @crimebythebook ;
  4. Alyssa – @alybabybooks ;
  5. Ursula – @ursula_uriarte ;



  • I know, that sounds kind of strange but it makes sense. I bet you have amazing bookshelves and a ton of unread books so I suggest you look at your books, I suggest you pick some of them, I suggest you look at the beautiful covers and I suggest you read the synopsis. ALSO, if you own hardback book try to see inside the dustjacket, some books are really beautiful naked and that may make you want to read them.



  • If you have a favorite author then you may own some books written by her/him… if you have some unread books from your favorite author then I suggest you try to read them, if you have already read all of the books of that author then try to reread them… even if I don’t like to reread books I guess that sometimes it is a must because that may inspire you for new reads.



  • Goodreads is amazing and it is one of my favorite apps and sites in this world… you can find a lot of stuff on Goodreads. If you don’t have a Goodreads account then I totally suggest you create one. You can find there book reviews, new book releases, you can discover new books from your favorite genre or your favorite author and you can also talk with the authors which is pretty amazing… ALSO you can participate in the Goodreads Reading Challenge which is pretty cool because you always want to complete your challenge… that may help you getting out of your reading slump. I will let you here some Goodreads accounts.
  1. Orlanda (mine): ;
  2. Kassidy: ;
  3. Hailey: ;
  4. Kate: ;
  5. Chelsea: .



  • So I thought a lot about this 6th point because I honestly don’t like to read in the digital format… BUT there’s a platform named Netgalley and if you are a book reviewer you can request their titles and they will give you those titles for free if they accept your request. You have to read those books as fast as you can and give them your feedback… and that may help you because you are kind of “forced” to read a book and also you requested it, so that is a book you really wanted to read and that is not released yet… so think (I AM ONE OF THE FIRST PERSONS READING THIS BOOK). ALSO ebooks and kindle are cheaper than physical books.



  • When you are a reviewer you have some kind of “duties”… you need to post on your blog at least weekly or you’ll lose followers, you’ll lose great feedback and authors will not come to you to give you free copies of their books so you can review them… that is a great way of getting out of your reading slump BECAUSE you feel that you have to read a book so you can review it to your followers.



  • Trace a goal. Write down or take a little of your time to think how many pages you want to read in a day, how many books you want to read in a week. Think of how many time do you have to read and if you can take the book with you to wherever you go (college, work, coffee shop…).



  • When you go to a bookshop you see a ton of books that you don’t own, you see a ton of books that you want to read and you can read synopsis of books you didn’t know about… also you can buy new books of course which is pretty awesome and sometimes new books can help because when you buy a book you really want to read it… so if you go to a bookstore while you are trying to get rid of a reading slump and if you buy a new book just try to read it right away, it might help you !


10th. RELAX

  • Maybe you can’t read because you are too stressed with everything. Maybe you have a lot of work to do to college or school, maybe you are having a lot of stress in your workplace and forcing the reading is not going to help you because since your are stressed and you are trying to read but you just can’t make it it will just make you feel frustated and believe me, that will be worse. I suggest you try to relax… sometimes we don’t have the time to do that so if you have a lot of stuff to do don’t try to read… let that “hard” stuff and all of the problems go away first and then try to read after relaxing. To relax just take a hot shower, try to workout, go out with or without a friend (BUT ALWAYS TAKE A BOOK WITH YOU), sleep more… everything you need to relax and only after that try to read, when you are more calmed down.


So here they are the first ten tips I have to you ! Don’t forget to check my blog every tuesdays and fridays to a new subject of “Reader Problems”. Tuesday I will talk about “Books Buying Bans”… we all suffer with that , let’s admit it.




2 thoughts on “Reader Problems » How to Get Rid of a Reading Slump

  1. I just want to mention that booktubers Tiffany from About to Read (she’s also a blogger) and Max from Well Done Books are reallygreat, plus they have a little bit of different taste then Jessie, Kat, Christina and others.
    Tiffany reads ya and Max adult books.


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