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I Watched that Movie ! » Room

Movie Name: Room

Based on: “Room” by Emma Donoghue

Directed by: Lenny Abrahamson

USA Release Date: September 4th, 2015


Brie Larson as Ma

Jacob Tremblay as Jack

Sean Bridgers as Old Nick

Genre: Drama.

Rating: 10/10



So hello everyone ! Today I am here starting a NEW tag.. I know, what’s happening with me ? ANOTHER WEEKLY TAG?… No, this time it is not a weekly tag, I will be posing this kind of stuff maybe montly or I may write posts like this one 2 or 3 times in a month… we’ll never know because I will write this kind of posts only when I watch movies and I rarely do that, so yes…

This time I am here talking about “Room”. This movie is an adaptation of the book “Room” by Emma Donoghue, I didn’t read that book yet but I plan to read it soon because this movie just totally got me into the story and I am quite sure that the book is going to be even better that the movie… which makes it even more perfect. Also, since I talked about it, I will be starting soon a new tag (I’m totally on fire) that is going to be called “Book vs. Movie”… that tag is going to consist on me reviewing the movie/book adaptation after I read the book…

Back to “Room”…

I gave to “Room” 10/10 stars on IMdb because as you all may know I always rate the movies I watch. I NEVER change my ratings which means that even if I read the book and I start thinking that the movie was CRAP I will not change the rating… (that’s mainly why sometimes I watch the movie first… because I don’t want to give a low score to the movie just because the book was better).

This story follows a girl that is captive in a room since she was 17 years old… she was abducted by Old Nick and since then she has been locked in a room (for 7 years). This guy (Old Nick) abused her several times and now she has a son, Jack (interesting fact about the title of the book in portuguese  is that the title is not “Quarto”, the translation for “Room”, but it is “O Quarto de Jack” which means “Jack’s Room” – which makes total sense because the main character is Jack and not Ma).

So basically this story is about the despair of this woman trying to get out of that room, trying to send his son out of the room, trying to save his life… and she actually has a pretty good plan… and the awesome thing about this is that you see everything from Jack’s point of view because sometimes you see stuff through Jack’s eyes and you can actually hear his thoughts.

I not tell you more about the story and the plot because I don’t want to spoil you but if you want a complete/full review of this movie just tell me and I will totally do it warning people in the title that it contains spoiler.

Before I go away I need to tell you Jacob (the actor who played Jack) is awesome… that kid has talent.


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