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2016 releases

First of all I will be talking about the books that are going to be released (or that were already released this year). The books I am going to mention are the 10 books I am the most excited about to own, the books I really plan to buy this year of 2016.

The books I am the most excited about (books from the picture above) are “After the Woods” by Kim Savage (release date: February 23rd, 2016); “Lady Midnight” by Cassandra Clare (release date: March 8th, 2016) and “The Glittering Court” by Richelle Mead (release date: April 5th, 2016)- if you click in the names of the books that I just wrote a Goodreads tab will open.

Pre-order “After the Woods” by Kim Savage

Pre-order “Lady Midnigh” by Cassandra Clare

Pre-order “The Glittering Court” by Richelle Mead

I am really excited about “After the Woods” because this book is thriller and I’ve been a LOT into thrillers lately as you may know… and that cover is so beautiful ! I just need this book in the Hardback edition as soon as possible.

“Lady Midnight” is my next most antecipated books of 2016 because it is written by Cassandra Clare, and everyone loves the type of writting of that lovely woman… AND COME ON, once again is it about Shadowhunters.

I am also really excited about “The Glittering Court” because I’ve been liking Fantasy more than before, and it is written by Richelle Mead and I really loved “The Vampire Academy” series (I didn’t read the last book yet – “Last Sacrifice” – but I am sure I will love it), so yes, really excited… and once again, let’s just talk about that cover please.

“Wicked Heart” by Leisa Rayven and “Soldier” by Julie Kagawa are in this list because these two books are sequels of books I own… so I read “Bad Romeo” and “Broken Juliet” by Leisa Rayven in 2015 and I really enjoyed those two books and now I kind of want to read more books written by this author, so here is my oportunity ! “Soldier” is the sequel of “Talon” and “Rogue” by Julie Kagawa and even if I don’t like Julie Kagawa’s type of writting that much I kind of want to know what’s going to happen next, I don’t want to give up on this series so soon.

“The Killing Jar” by Jennifer Bosworth and “Dead Girls Society” by Michelle Krys are kind of Young Adult thrillers vs. Young Adult horror stories and I am kind of curious to know more about YA dark stuff since most part of my YA books are romances.

“The Widow” by Fiona Barton is a Psychological Thriller and if you know me you know that that’s my favorite kind of thriller… so yes, can’t really wait to buy this bae.

to buy soon

Now I am going to talk about books that were already released but I just didn’t buy them yet.

From the picture above the books I am the most excited about are “The Kind Worth Killing” by Peter Swanson, “Burnt Paper Sky” by Gilly McMillan and “Room” by Emma Donoghue – once again you can click on the titles and it will open a Goodreads tab.

The three titles I mentioned above are thillers. I am not sure if “Room” by Emma Donoghue is a thiller or not but I may consider it a thriller because I watched the movie and it looked like it.

Order “The Kind Worth Killing” by Peter Swanson

Order “Burnt Paper Sky” by Gilly McMillan

Order “Room” by Emma Donoghue

Most part of the books in the picture above are thrillers and mysteries and that’s basically why I want them so bad. “Between Shades of Grey” by Ruta Sepetys and “Jesse’s Girl” by Miranda Kennealy are not thrillers – “Jesse’s Girl” is a NA fiction and “Between Shades of Grey” is a YA historical fiction about WWII. I got a lot of interest for “Between Shades of Grey” because I heard a lot of awesome things about this book and even if I don’t like Historical Fiction books I decided that I should totally give a try to this book, because everyone loves it… maybe I will love it too.


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