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Chatty Chat » Changing Book Editions

Hello everyone today I decided to write this post because I don’t know if I’m alone when it is about changing editions of books… I will explain… sometimes I buy some editions of certain books and then, months or even years later I end up not liking that edition anymore… I mean, imagine that I bought the paperback edition of (for example) The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins two years ago (which is true) BUT I saw the hardback edition on sale really cheap now… and the hardback edition is from far more beautiful than the paperback one I own, so what about changing editions ?

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I love to change the editions of my books (the ones I read and liked of course – or if the new covers are seriously amazing or even if I really love the author of the books) … for example if you follow me on Instagram for some time now you probably know that I changed my The Infernal Devices edition written by the amazing and talented author Cassandra Clare, I owned the first paperback edition, I didn’t even own the box set, I owned the first two books with those famous covers (the covers I personally never liked) and I bought those books 2nd handed… so I always wanted to get rid of them, I felt kind of bad for awhile for wanting that but since I couldn’t find the matching edition of Clockwork Princess anywhere I just decided to sell my books and buy the hardback edition. BUT when I finally sold my books something amazing happened, the new US edition came out, that beautiful edition with the grey spines, so I just bought the box set and now I own these awesome books (I only read the first book though, sorry haha).

the infernal devices.png

I changed some other editions too besides The Infernal Devices. As I was saying at the beginning of this post I owned the paperback edition (the box set) of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, I actually still own it but I am selling it… and since I HATE that edition I am buying the harback one.

The Hunger Games.png

I also changed the edition of “If I Stay” by Gayle Forman when I bought it (even before I read it) because I ordered an edition and they sent me another one so yes… I ended up hating those books but who cares, at least the covers match. I changed last year the last 3 books in the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead too because my edition was not matching at all, not that it is now because the edition of my first three books is not available anymore but at least they are all the same size.

NOW, my last acquisition was THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS BOX SET by Cassandra Clare, the latest US edition, the one that matches my Infernal Devices one, with the beautiful grey spines ! I owned the first edition of that series in paperback, I owned the box set with the first 5 books and then when City of Heavenly Fire came out I just bought it from a local store… and when this new box set came out I just… I was driving crazy because I really wanted that beautiful edition… so I put my books for sale, they were for sale like 3 months or even more than that and finally I sold that edition… and I am going to be really honest with you… I was going to buy the box set from The Book Depository but it is €84 there, it is too expensive and I sold my books for €60 so I just checked on Amazon UK and it is so cheap there… I ordered it and it will probably arrive next week ! I really can’t wait.

the mortal instrumnts

So I really would like to know from you… do you change editions ? Do you sell books to get new ones ? Let’s talk


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