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Reader Problems » Deciding What to Read Next

Hello beautiful people ! I am here today to talk about “Deciding What to Read Next”, I know we all have this little problem now and then so it may be helpfull in some kind of way.

Booklovers tend to buy more books then they can actually read, normally we just see a really cheap book with beautiful cover and buy it, even if we don’t know that book, even if we never heard about it in our lives, I know, don’t deny it… I’ve been there… actually, I AM ALWAYS THERE… and then when you just bought that book you see another one, just looking at you in the bookstore and the funny thing is that THAT BOOK you actually know and want for a long time… but you just bought one that you didn’t know… oh, now you feel bad because you spent money on a book you don’t know and there’s a possibilily of the book you wanted for a long time staying alone, cold and sad sitting on the shelves of the bookstore… so what will you do ? of course… you buy it and walk home with two new awesome books. You are not alone sister/brother… THE PROBLEM is that with so many books we never know what to read next.


  • So if you own a lot of books then you’ll spend a LOT of time looking at you shelves and not only “SOME TIME”, but that might be helpfull… look at your books and think which are the books you own that are sitting on your shelves for too long and you never got the chance to read them because you always have new books to read.
  • Appreciate the covers of your books, look at the covers and get a little of inspiration.



  • YES, this is important… we are not always in the mood for the same genre… for example, sometimes I am in the mood to read NA books so I just read New Adult books for one week or two, then I get tired of that genre and I start reading other genre such as thrillers and mysteries.
  • Go to Youtube and watch booktubers videos so you can listen to them talking about their books, that may help you someway because you are looking at books that you might have in your shelves.


3rd. MAKE A “LIST”

  • At the beginning of every month try to write down a list of the books you want to read that month… it will help you because you kind of want to follow that list you made. I am not saying that you have to follow that list strictly because I almost never do that I am just not a person of TBR lists, but it will surely help you if you start feeling like you don’t have any opinions of books to read.



  • This actually kind of works… pick 4 books from your shelves, random books that you haven’t read yet of course, go to your mom, dad, sister, cousin, friend (whoever you want) and tell them to choose 2 of those 4 books. THEN when you have only 2 books hide them behind you, shuffle your books behind your back and ask someone to pick a hand (right or left)… then you have ONE book to read !


I hope this post helped someway, and I hope I am not the only one doing this kind of things !

Tuesday I will be talking about “Coping with covers that don’t match”… I don’t know if that’s a problem to you but it is surely for me !


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