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Book Review » The Waiting Room by Alysha Kaye

Title: The Waiting Room

Alysha Kaye

 Romance; Contemporary; Fantasy.

ISBN: 9781500307042

Published: 2014

Publisher: CreateSpace

Format: Paperback

Pages: 196

Synopsis: Jude and Nina are the epitome of that whole raw, unflinching love thing that most people are jealous of. That is, until Jude dies and wakes up in The Waiting Room, surrounded by other souls who are all waiting to pass over into their next life. But unlike those souls, Jude’s name is never called by the mysterious “receptionist”. He waits, watching Nina out of giant windows. He’s waiting for her. What is this place? How long will he wait? And what will happen when and if Nina does join him? The Waiting Room is a story of not just love, but of faith, predestination, and philosophy, friendship and self-actualization, of waiting.

MY RATING: 4 Starts


* The author of this book sent me this paperback copy in exchange for an honest review, so don’t expect less than that, I will always give my honest opinion, like it or not *

This book was really intriguing and interesting, I don’t know what I was expecing from it but it didn’t disappoint me, at all.

I was really excited about this book because it sounded awesome, it is like a contemporary romance but with some fantasy in the middle (I don’t want to offend anyone with this statement, I’m going to explain it right away) and I didn’t know much more about it, when I started reading it I knew nothing about it just what I read in the synopsis, what I don’t normally do, yes, I don’t normally read synopsis, but this time I did because I wanted to know what I was going to read about.

I am kind of septic so there is some stuff I don’t believe or at least I don’t let myself believe in certain things and “religion” is one of those things I was talking about, I am agnostic so I respect everyone’s religions and I never say those “religions” are wrong because I’m nobody to say that. Let me explain this because I don’t want to be misunderstood… in this book the main subject is of course “The Waiting Room” ok ? The waiting room is a local where souls go after their bodies die, in that room the souls have to wait until they are called again so they can reincarnate another body. The word “God” appears a lot in this book and I respect that a 100%, I swear, I respect everyone’s beliefs and that’s why I didn’t want to offend anyone when I called it “fantasy”… I am not saying that your beliefs are part of a “fantasy story”, I am just saying that for me, the waiting room is part of the author’s imagination, I am just saying that even if I don’t believe a 100% that’s true I am not saying that’s impossible to exist so I am sorry if by any chance you felt offended with what I said but that was not my intention at all… I am considering this book a Fantasy but you can totally consider it a Realistic Fiction, I don’t know, everyone is free of assigning the category they want to the books they read.

Back to my review…

I really enjoyed this book, it was really cute and I really wanted everything to be true because it would be sooo awesome. Think about it, true love, soul mates… wouldn’t that be fantastic ? I believe in true love and I kind of believe that the “human/physical” life isn’t the end… so why not ?!

Something really interesting that I learnt with this book was actually written in the back of the book. This story was based on a dream that the author had ! That’s so amazing and so cute and so lovely… I will write here what is written in the cover: “… she dreamt about The Waiting Room once, and offhandedly wrote her boyfriend a love poem about waiting for him after death. Somehow, that became a novel”. – isn’t that amazing ? It makes the book so much better somehow.

I really enjoyed the main characters, I loved their story and their relationship… I loved the concept of this book, I loved the plot and the way it was written !

YAS, I am recommending this book to everyone because it was truly beautiful.






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