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Book Review » The Frey Saga #1: Frey by Melissa Wright

Title: Frey

 Melissa Wright

 Fantasy; Young Adult; Romance.

ISBN: 9781482029093

Published: 2015

Publisher: CreateSpace

Format: Paperback

Pages: 260

Goodreads Synopsis: Unaware she’s been bound from using magic, Frey leads a small, miserable life in the village where she’s sent after the death of her mother. But a tiny spark starts a fury of changes and she finds hersef running from everything she’s ever known.
Hunted by council for practicing dark magic, she is certain she’s been wrongfully accused. She flees, and is forced to rely on strangers for protection. But the farther she strays from home, the more her magic and forgotten memories return and she begins to suspect all is not as it seems.

MY RATING: 4.5 Starts


* The author of this book sent me this paperback copy in exchange for an honest review, so don’t expect less than that, I will always give my honest opinion, like it or not *

First of all I have to say that I really really enjoyed this book !

As you probably know, I am that kind of person that doesn’t read synopsis, so as you can probably guess I had no idea what this book was about before I started reading it, and when I started reading it I found that this book was about elves, and you have no idea how happy I got because of that… you really have no idea, I almost jumped with happiness because I love elves and it was exactly the subject I was in the mood to read, so good job Melissa, good job !

I rated this book 4.5 Stars and I have an explanation for that, I swear. On Goodreads my rating was 5 Stars because Goodreads doesn’t have half stars, and the thing  is, I was really divided if I should give to it 5 straight Stars or “just” 4.5 Stars because I really loved this book, I did, but at the same time I didn’t want to compare it to other books I read before, those same books I rated 5 Stars, those same books I can’t forget… so I just went with 4.5 Stars still 5 on Goodreads and let’s see if the second book will deserve 5 staright Stars ! (stars, stars, stars…)

One thing I never thought I could love in this book (not because I tought the book was bad because I never tought that) was the characters and I actually did ! I really enjoyed the main character, I really liked most part of the characters in this story… normally I have a hard time getting on with the characters, and this time it was pretty cool… I enjoyed the main character since the beginning of book so that’s totally a positive point !

The thing I liked the most in this book, besides the plot of course was THAT GORGEOUS COVER ! Come on, just look at it, it is sooo beautiful, seriously and the color ? Oh lord…

So I am really excited to read the second book, I just can’t wait, I really need it really soon because I want to know what’s going to happen next… I JUST NEED TO KNOW GUYS !

Obviously that I recommend this book to everyone, so just go check it out !




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