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Book Review » Half of Me #2: Love Me While I’m Gone by Diana T. Scott

Title: Love Me While I’m Gone

Diana T. Scott

Romance; Contemporary; New Adult.

ISBN: 9781519272775

Published: 2015

Publisher: Createspace

Format: Paperback

Pages: 296

Goodreads Synopsis: For a very long time, my biggest accomplishments had nothing to do with what I really wanted. When I decided to give up my mother’s dream and fight for my own, I never imagined choosing one dream could put me on the path of the one I never knew I wanted – meeting him. Collin. He quickly went from a friend to a companion, to soul mate, to heartbreak.
After he left Chicago, leaving me with nothing more than a text message, I only had one sane choice – to act like he never existed and go on with my life. A ghost can’t break your heart.
But now he’s back and he’s prepared to prove me otherwise. Is it possible to love someone against your will?

MY RATING: 5 Starts


* The author of this book sent me this paperback copy in exchange for an honest review, so don’t expect less than that, I will always give my honest opinion, like it or not *

I LOVED LOVED LOVED this book, I was almost giving to it 5.5 stars but I am saving it for the third and last book ! Seriously, how can this author be such a genius ?

Diana sent me the first book some time ago in exchange for a honest review and when I read it… ok I have to admit it, I was probably not expecting to love it as much as I did, and when I wrote a review about the first book and when I told Diana how much I loved her story she was kind enough to send me this book, the second book in this trilogy (I am almost sure it is a trilogy, if it is not I am sorry) and I decided to start reading it yesterday because finally college is over and I wanted to get out of my HUGE reading slump… SO I READ IT, in one sitting actually and I couldn’t love it more… seriously, I need the third book NOW because this one was so good , you just, wanting or not, get glued to the story, it is so cute and amazing, and the characters? OH JEEZ ! I don’t even have words to describe it, you know that feeling when you read Colleen Hoover’s books ? YAS, that’s the feeling you get reading Diana’s books, which is saying much !

I just loved every character of this book, I guess everyone knows how much I love New Adult books and because of that I am quite picky about them and I have nothing to say about this one ! The characters, every sing character in this book… THEY ARE JUST AMAZING, I loved them all!

Every book is about a couple, so let’s see… the first book shows us 6 “main characters” ok ? Sebastian, Ava, Emily, Collin, Paige and Miles, they are all friends k? BUT the first book tells you the story of Sebastian and Ava, so they are the first couple and you have a book just about them, always with the other 4 being mentioned of course but the main MAIN characters are Sebastian and Ava. Then in the second book you still have that “group of friends” but instead of reading about Sebastian and Ava you read about Emily and Collin which is sooooo interesting because in this second book you read about things you read in the first book, but it is different ok ? it is not just something that you read before and something that shouldn’t be in this second book… because you actually need to read this information again, it is told to you differently, from a different character, from a different point of view… actually you get to understand things you probably didn’t understand in the first book !

In the first book I read little stuff about Lana, she was not one of the main characters, she appeared like once or twice in the story and somewhere in the book I read that Lana was Emily’s sister but I was not focusing on Lana or on Emily because they were not the main characters and even having a story behind them I would not pay attention to it or showing any interest about it because come on… they were not Sebastian and Ava, I didn’t even like Lana in the first book, I didn’t even memorize her name.. and then this AMAZING second book came and I remembered about Emily’s sister’s name and I started liking her… and started getting interested in her story, the story she had with her sister… it is different and REALLY interesting and I can’t wait for the third book that is about Paige and Miles, I mean, as I told you before I don’t really pay a lot of attention to the other characters that are not the main characters like in the main couple so yes, I really want to know more about these two reading a book about THEM as main characters, as the center of the story.

Before I spoil you without any intention I will stop writing this review because it is already huge !

I recommend this book to EVERYONE in this world, this second book and the first one of course… I am sure you are going to love this story as much I love this story and I really hope you buy these two books and I really hope you support this author as much as she deserve this support for her amazing work as an author and as her amazing work as an amazing and sweet person !




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