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Book Review » Isle by Jes Dory

Title: Isle

Jes Dory

Young Adult; Fantasy; Mystery.

ISBN: 9781460275276

Published: 2016

Publisher: FriesenPress

Format: Paperback

Pages: 360

Goodreads Synopsis: Eleanora Stone has spent her entire life moving from place to place with her aunt Ada, never putting down roots. Never making friends. When, on the cusp of her eighteenth birthday, she is brought to a remote island off the coast of Maine to live, everything changes—for this is a homecoming of sorts. Here she will connect not only with her family history but also the destiny of her blood. Here she will be expected to grow into powers beyond all imagining and unseat an ancient evil poised to destroy mankind.

MY RATING: 4 Starts


* The author of this book sent me this physical copy in exchange for an honest review, so don’t expect less than that, I will always give my honest opinion, like it or not *

This book started a little slow for me, I didn’t drive into it right away, don’t really know why, I just didn’t… it took me a while to get focused on the story, it took me a while to like the characters, it took me a while to “get interested” in this book maybe because before reading this book I read like 5 NA books but I eventually did drive into the story.

I was a little “bored” in the beginning but then things started to happen, I got really interested in the story I found everything so interesting, the meanings, the characters, the “powers”, I ended up liking everything about the story actually. I think that this story has a really great plot and I really think that it is a really good Fantasy book.

I have a lot to say about the author’s type of writting so just stick with me…

I love the way Jes Dory writes, or the way she wrote this book because it was her first book and I really think she’ll succeed with some other stories, with some other books… I think she’s really talented, I think she writes brilliantly and she’ll be a well-known author one day ! The way she writes is so captivating, while you’re reading this book you just feel like you’re watching a 3D movie, it is like… you know you are not in the story, you know you’re not one of the characters, you know you are not “part” of the story but it is like you are there, you are seeing everything in front of your eyes because the way she describes everything… it is just amazing you know ? Sometimes you even feel scared because some things that would be scary in real life are being really well described so it is like you are actually living it.

I cannot finish this review without talking about the amazing cover, I don’t know who the designer is, I don’t know who is the model, but congratulations, you made an excellent work truly, I love the cover of this book so much ! It is so beautiful I could look at it everyday.

I recommend this book to everyone who likes Fantasy with a little bit of Mystery !




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