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Book Review » Gone (The Complete Trilogy) by Deborah Bladon

Title: Gone

Deborah Bladon

New Adult; Contemporary; Romance; Erotica.


Publisher: Deborah Bladon

Format: Kindle/eBook

Synopsis (1st book): Sending a half-naked picture to a stranger she met online, seems innocent and fun to Lilly Randall. After spending the past four years working towards an honors degree, she needs a distraction and flirting with a man she doesn’t know can’t hurt, right?
Clive Parker is the one man who holds all of Lilly’s dreams in the palm of his hand. He’s the CEO of one of the world’s largest technology firms. When her picture ends up in his pocket, her future will never be the same again.
She wants him to see her potential. He questions her motives. Neither can deny the unexpected attraction that exists between them.
When Clive’s doubts begin to push them apart, Lilly is forced to face the reality that nothing in life is guaranteed and in the blink of an eye, everything you value can be gone.”

MY RATING: 4 Starts


I have read before some books written by this author Deborah Bladon, I read the “Obsessed” series, I mean, I didn’t finish the series because I totally forgot about it, I read the first three books if I am not wrong and then I totally forgot about the fourth one… the thing is, at the time I said, I remember me saying that the books had too much sex in it, and in this trilogy “Gone” there’s still too much sex in it, that’s my opinion.

The fact that a book is called “Erotica” doesn’t mean that the book has to be based on SEX, I mean, story is actually what we all need to like a book right ? We need a plot, we need a story, and not only desciption of pure sex… I mean, come one Deborah.

I am not lying here, I liked the books I gave each of them 4 Stars because of the endings, I liked the end of the first book and I liked the end of the second one, the ends were actually the winners of the whole thing because they just blew my mind ! AND then the third book came and it actually had a story (a continuation of the story of the other two books of course but still, it had more of a description of the actual story), I was liking it more than I liked the other two because it had some more of a story, the whole book was actually based on something that wasn’t sex, but then, 10 pages away from the end the author started writing only about SEX… you know what I mean ?

I liked the characters a lot actually, I liked the way the author wrote these book, I really like the type of writting of Deborah (I am saying this because I read it in other books before as I told you in the beginning of the review) but I am still complaining about SEX… yes, that’s just me.

If you are looking for a fast read, if you are behind your schedule on GoodReads I totally recommend these books to you ! They are fun actually and you can read them really fast because they’re not boring at all !


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