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Book Review » Hopeless #1 by Colleen Hoover

Title: Hopeless

Colleen Hoover

Romance; Contemporary; New Adult.

ISBN: 9781471133435

Published: 2013

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Format: Paperback

Pages: 408

Goodreads Synopsis: Sky Davis is starting sixth form having always been home-schooled, and wants to keep a low profile. But then she runs into Dean Holder – messy brown hair, smouldering blue eyes, and a temper straight out of Fight Club, someone who Sky is determined to avoid.
There is something about Holder that sparks memories of Sky’s troubled past, those which she would rather stay buried. Little does she know that the mysterious Dean Holder is harbouring secrets of his own . . .
When the truth unravels, Sky must piece her life back together and learn to trust again. Only by facing the revelations together can the two of them begin to heal their emotional scars and find a way to live without boundaries

MY RATING: 5 Starts


Of course that this being one of Colleen Hoover’s books I have nothing but amazing things to say about it !

I know that this book was one of the first books written by this amazing author and I know that I probably should have started reading it sooner, I just didn’t have this series with me when I started reading her books, my first book written by CoHo was “Confess” and at the time this was the book that was just being released so I was just hearing lots of amazing stuff about “Confess” and I decided to make it my first reading from Colleen. I bought the “Hopeless” duology/trilogy, it depends on your point of view really, some weeks ago, and I don’t really know why I didn’t buy them sooner I just have something against series I guess, I prefer stand alones BUT, as I said in my reviews for the “Slammed” trilogy with Colleen Hoover everything is different, so now I don’t actually mind reading trilogies if that means reading more CoHo, I just think that “Hopeless” would be amazing just as a stand alone itself, but I can’t talk a lot about it for now because I still have to read the second book !

Talking about the book now:

The characters are so perfect, I love Sky, I love Holder (a ton actually), I just can’t help but love Six… Colleen Hoover did an amazing work with the characters in this book, really ! This was one of the books that totally blew my mind away, I mean… CoHo has that gift I know, but I just, I wasn’t expecting a lot of stuff that happened you know ?

While reading this book my mind was just diving into really different places, I was always taking my own conclusions, I actually talked to my mom (without spoiling her for this book of course) about what I was thinking about the story and what I thought that the next 2 books were going to be about… and I was just SO EFFING WRONG ! All I thought was just completely wrong, and when I talked to her about it I had already passed half of the book so yes miss CoHo, you are the QUEEN !

There was ONE LITTLE THING that I knew since almost the beginning of this book, and I can’t tell you what it is of course because I would be spoiling the story for you, but I can tell you that it has to be with Sky’s childhood. I knew it, I knew what happened and I was right about it since the very beginning of the book.

My favorite character in this book was Holder and I mean, my favorite characters are ALWAYS boys in Colleen Hoover’s books, SO this is not a surprise I know, and I sincerely hope the second book is about Holder, I mean, I hope it is narrated by him, I want to read his point of view because I BUTTERFLYING LIVE HIM ! (see what I just did ? I used one word from the CoHo book “Slammed” – “butterlying” replacing the F word and I used the “live” replacing “love” from this “Hopeless” book… I am so amazing guys)

TALKING ABOUT BEING AMAZING ! When you find out about what “Hopeless” actually mean… OMG, seriously, you’ll love it, I was not expecting it at all, thank you Colleen Hoover for this amazing book.

I obviously recommend this book to everyone in this world and beyond ! I hope you love it as much as I did really and if you want to buy the same edition I own just check the Book Depository link I left for you !




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