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Book Review » The Night Trilogy #2: Dawn by Elie Wiesel

Title: Dawn

Elie Wiesel

Historical Fiction, History, Holocaust

ISBN:  9780809037728

Published: 1960 (this edition: 2006)

Publisher: Hill & Wang

Format: Paperback

Pages: 80

Goodreads Synopsis: Elisha is a young Jewish man, a Holocaust survivor, and an Israeli freedom fighter in British-controlled Palestine; John Dawson is the captured English officer he will murder at dawn in retribution for the British execution of a fellow freedom fighter. The night-long wait for morning and death provides Dawn, Elie Wiesel’s ever more timely novel, with its harrowingly taut, hour-by-hour narrative. Caught between the manifold horrors of the past and the troubling dilemmas of the present, Elisha wrestles with guilt, ghosts, and ultimately God as he waits for the appointed hour and his act of assassination. Dawn is an eloquent meditation on the compromises, justifications, and sacrifices that human beings make when they murder other human beings.

MY RATING: 5 Starts


Don’t judge me, don’t kill me, don’t even atempt to murder me… BUT, I liked this book more than I liked the first one, and that’s the truth.

The first book “Night” is a non fiction book ok ? So it basically tells us what happened to Elie Wiesel while WWII, and when I started reading this second book somehow I thought it was going to be the sequel of the first book and it kinda was but I mean… this one is like the author’s subconcious, so it is considered a historical fiction novel, which is totally ok for me really ! and I know a lot of you may think “ok, you prefer to read about something that was not an issue than reading about something that was a problem for tons of people”… and no, actually this second book talks about a matter that was a problem for a ton of people, a subject that continues to be because of some religions and beliefs (I’m not talking about that here otherwise I’ll stay here writing for the eternity).

Overall I seriously liked this book, I actually loved this one and this is always going to be one of my favorites because the subject is just too real you know ? and it kind of makes you think a lot about a lot of things.

So yes, I recommend this book to everyone and I think you should read the first one too.




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