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Book Review » After #3: After We Fell by Anna Todd

Title: After We Fell

Anna Todd

Romance; Contemporary; New Adult.

ISBN: 9781476792507

Published: 2014

Publisher: Gallery Books

Format: Paperback

Pages: 848

Goodreads Synopsis: Just as Tessa makes the biggest decision of her life, everything changes. Revelations about first her family, and then Hardin’s, throw everything they knew before in doubt and makes their hard-won future together more difficult to claim.
Tessa’s life begins to come unglued. Nothing is what she thought it was. Not her friends. Not her family. The one person she should be able to rely on, Hardin, is furious when he discovers the massive secret she’s been keeping. And rather than being understanding, he turns to sabotage.
Tessa knows Hardin loves her and will do anything to protect her, but there’s a difference between loving someone and being able to have them in your life. This cycle of jealousy, unpredictable anger, and forgiveness is exhausting. She’s never felt so intensely for anyone, so exhilarated by someone’s kiss—but is the irrepressible heat between her and Hardin worth all the drama? Love used to be enough to hold them together. But if Tessa follows her heart now, will it be…the end?

MY RATING: 5 Starts


So here is the thing about this book… same as the other two books of this series “After” and “After We Collided” the two main characters Hardin and Tessa are so, so, soooo annoying and childish… BUT, something quite strange in all of this: besides the characters being annoying as hell I can’t help but loving the plot, the story aaaaand the characters, yey me … call me crazy, I know.

This book is huge ok ? but I honestly read it in one sitting, I decided to read it, I picked it up from the shelf, started reading it at 2pm or so and finished it when it was like 8pm, so yes, it is seriously long but Anna Todd has such an amazing talent writing books that are so easy to read and that are so easy to understand that you don’t even notice how BIG this book is in reality while diving into it. This book is a pretty light read and it is quite fast paced just so you know.

I don’t have much to say about this book because it is honestly just like the rest of the series, the only thing that changes is the plot of course because some new things start to happen, but they argue just like it happens in the other books and all those things that we all hate and love at the same time about these books.

Overall I recommend this book OF COURSE especially if you have read the other two (first in this collection).




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