Review/Rating Policy

Since I’m a reviewer I’m more than happy if you (publisher or author) want to send me a arc or a reviewer copy of some (of your) books.
I read a little of every genre, which means that I can read Romances, YA, NA, Paranormal, Horror, Thrillers, Mysteries, Dystopias, Sci-Fi…

***I promise that I’ll read all the books that you’ll send me but I can’t promise that I’ll read them and review them all as fast as I can because I may not have all that time to do it unless that book is an unreleased book and you need a fast opinion!***

What I’ll not accept:
I don’t accept non-fiction;
I don’t beta-read;
I don’t accept self-published titles unless they are already published and visible on goodreads;

What I’ll do:
I’ll be ALWAYS honest in my reviews/opinions;
I’ll ALWAYS post the review on my main blog, my goodreads account and on my instagram account;
I’ll ALWAYS refer who gave the book to me;
I’ll ALWAYS be using the 1-5 rating system (ex: 1; 1.5… 4, 4.5…);


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