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  1. Hey Orlanda 🙂

    Great presentation. I liked the part about you not reading novels in your native language so much, that I had to read it three times 😉 Because many of my youth readers and writers (I’m the editor at our site) have it almost the same way.

    But none of them could ever explain exactly why they don’t like youth novels written in Danish. We talk about it often, and the nearest explanation we can reach is that a lot of the english youth novels (not the instaloves) are much deeper than the Danish ones.

    It’s like the English/American/Australian authors just are so much more experienced. Maybe it’s because of the small population in Denmark, 5 million, that we don’t have so many experienced youth authors, well not more that maybe five really, really good, and most aspiring authors in Denmark wants to write kids stuff. When it gets to youth stuff, it’s like they’re totally scared, that they don’t know how youths nowadays act and afraid to write something that old teenagers will criticise.

    So they end up not writing. And if they write, it actually ends up it really boring social realistic comtemporaries about drunk or divorced parents. No Danish youth writers would ever write sci fi or fantasy for youths. Either they write the kiddie stuff or else they try to write adult novels.

    I guess that’s why we have gone from reviewing Danish novel to only review English YA and novels now. Finally, there are a lot of brave authors who knows how youths of today think and act, and they also dare to write about it.

    So, great subject. It could be cool to hear more of your thougts about why you get bored with the non-English novels, maybe in another blog post one day, if you feel for it. Course it could be fun to hear other European youth lit bloggers whos first language isn’t English, opinions about it.

    Best wishes from Copenhagen in Denmark, Peter 🙂


  2. Haha I hate reading in Portuguese too! It would take me more than a month to read a book in Portuguese, even if I like the story. Things just don’t sound as good in Portuguese I guess so I always read in English!


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